Partnering with Dosist

Bear Extraction House pushes the envelope in innovation by collaborating with top brands in pursuit of perfecting the cannabis user experience. 

Our partnership with dosist spotlights our award-winning live resin in two ways – in all natural vegan gummies and single-strain liquid live resin pods.

“Better ingredients make for a better experience”

- dosist

Live resin extracted at Bear is sun-kissed, flash frozen, and retains all cannabinoids, terps, and flavonoids reminiscent of a living cannabis plant, giving users that sought after holistic entourage effect.  With live resin, you’re not just getting a dose of THC, you’re getting the full, strain-specific experience in edible or vapor form.

Our top-tier liquid live resin coupled with dosist’s unique pods and dose pen rechargeable is the first innovation of its kind.  It uses heat ramping technology to retain the integrity of the extract, and gives users a perfectly measured dose of full-bodied flavor and head change.

Better ingredients, better experience. Which strain is right for you?

Northern Lights – dosist x Bear Extracts liquid live resin pod

Northern lights, a potent and sweet indica with calming and relaxing effects.

Strain good for: calm & relaxation
Strain type: indica

NEW! OCR – dosist x Bear Extracts liquid live resin pod

OCR, an orange citrusy vanilla flavored sativa with euphoric and happy effects.

Strain good for: creative, euphoric & happy
Strain type: sativa
THC: 74%

Runtz – dosist x Bear Extracts liquid live resin pod

Runtz, a strain of the year sweet and fruity flavored hybrid that delivers a smooth euphoric effect. Enjoy a tasty and uplifting experience. 

Strain good for: happiness & creativity
Strain type: hybrid
THC: 77%

Wedding Cake – dosist x Bear Extracts liquid live resin pod

Wedding Cake, a potent indica strain that has calming effects for the mind and body. Great for a chilled and relaxing experience.

Strain good for: relaxation & calm
Strain type: indica hybrid
THC: 66%

Strawberry Lemonade – dosist x Bear Extracts liquid live resin pod

Strawberry Lemonade, a hybrid sativa strain delivering a mood-boosting and energizing experience. A sativa hybrid where limonene is the focal terpene. It has a zesty aroma and lemony taste with soft notes of floral that give it the ultimate pink lemonade flavor. This strain is great for mornings as it’s both calming and invigorating.

Strain good for: energy & uplifting
Strain type: Sativa Hybrid
THC: 70%

GLS – dosist x Bear Extracts liquid live resin pod

GLS, an indica strain that delivers a calming and euphoric experience. Packed with stress-relieving terpenes that also give this indica hybrid a spicy, floral flavor. Experience a high that is both comforting and uplifting. Ideal for relaxation sessions.

Strain good for: relaxation and calm
Strain type: Indica
THC: 67%
Key terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene

Our live resin gummy with Dosist allows for the natural terpenes and cannabis to be purely expressed. It’s a true live resin experience with natural flavors in a 10mg THC gummy.

10mg THC, 0mg CBD / gummy

10 gummies / tin 1 gummy / serving